Monday, February 13, 2012

ten steps to academic success

I am often asked by students, in one-on-one meetings or during workshops and presentations, what I consider to be the top ten strategies for doing well in college. Here is the list that I usually share with students. Future posts will explore each one in more detail, along with the stories of students that fit each one.

1) set academic and personal goals
2) learn actively
3) time/task management
4) listening and notetaking skills
5) reading skills
6) exam preparation and taking skills
7) stress management and exercise
8) writing skills
9) getting the sleep you need and staying healthy
10) getting involved in co-curricular activities

Especially motivated/curious students will ask me if there are additional skills or pieces of advice. Of course there are quite a few others, but I am usually quick to add:

11) course choice, especially during your first year in college
12) getting to know your professors

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  1. Thanks for sharing this post.So very inspirational message to us especially to those who really want to be success in their study.