Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Work Hard, Party Harder. But Don't Combine the Two.

Use these softwares to limit your procrastination.

1.     Write or Die
For: Windows, Mac and Linux
Use this software to boost productivity when writing, be that an academic paper or more creative undertakings. You can pick a time limit, a word count goal and a “grace period” (time period after which the punishment is activated). You can also choose the difficulty level of your punishment – the “gentle” mode simply sends a pop-up reminder to continue working, while the “normal” mode plays unpleasant sounds such as a baby’s wail that continue until the typing resumes. The severest punishment is the Kamikaze mode where the software will begin to delete your work if you are not keeping up with your goals.  Later versions also have “Reward” modes that provide positive reinforcement with custom reward images once you achieve your goals.

2.     Freedom
For: Windows and Mac
Block the Internet for a certain time period set by you to limit procrastination. The Internet can be blocked using this software for time periods ranging from 45 minutes to 8 hours, allowing you to work without distractions.
This software can be purchased for $10.

3.     Stop Distractions
For: Windows
Block certain websites for a specified time period, while still retaining access to other websites, so that distractions can be tuned out while allowing you to focus on work that requires Internet access.

4.     Writeroom
For: Mac
Use this software to allow MS word to take up the whole screen while you’re working on it, so as to compel you to focus on what you’re working on, without distractions.

5.     MeeTimer
For: Mozilla Firefox Browsers
Monitor the amount of time spent browsing different websites. This software also compiles this data to give you statistics about your surfing habits. It also informs you of your procrastination, in that, it gives you an estimate of the percentage of the time you spent surfing the Internet that could have been spent working instead. This software induces a feeling of guilt to boost your productivity.

6.     Procrastination Killer
For: Windows
Work in spurts of productivity on different tasks interspersed with the much-deserved break using this software. Procrastination Killer works on the 10*2*5 law – it has a timer that forces you to work on a task for 10 minutes. It then allows you a 2 - minute break where you can do what you want, including surfing the Internet. After this break is over, it gives you 5 minutes to work on another task. This software mixes up tasks to provide novelty, while at the same time allowing breaks to ensure maximum productivity and quality.